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What We Do?

In today’s busy world, you likely don’t have the time to thoroughly investigate your 403(b) choices and ensure you are taking advantage of cost-friendly and efficient options. As a result, you may be holding onto weak investments, with high fees and poor performance, often without being aware of such inadequacies. But just because you don’t have the time doesn’t mean you can’t work with a financial professional who can help you maximize your plan’s performance.

Since 1995, I have been advising teachers and other professionals, offering unbiased guidance and objective recommendations regarding their 403(b) plans. Through my comprehensive process, I strive to:

  • Determine how much risk you are comfortable taking
  • Establish your time horizon, retirement goals, and needs
  • Evaluate how efficiently your current investments are working
  • Offer education regarding the investments available
  • Reduce the fees you are paying

Through this process, you can better understand your current plan (including the risk you are taking and the fees you are paying) and adjust it to accurately align with your personal objectives. I can help you select the strongest investments appropriate to your situation and offer ongoing monitoring to ensure your plan is aligned with your current goals. This proactive and simplified approach is designed to help you feel more confident in your plan and decision making.